Outstanding Young Wilmingtonian

“The hope of mankind lies in the hands of youth and action”.

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The Outstanding Young Wilmingtonian Award honors the accomplishments of young people in the city of Wilmington.   Each Outstanding Young Wilmintonian is a person who exemplifies going “above and beyond” when giving back to their community.

Candidates must be residents of New Castle County, age 21 through 40, and exemplify the best attributes of the city’s young people, the Jaycee Creed and dedication to a better community.

Lastly, each Outstanding Young Wilmingtonian is automatically nominated for national recognition as one of Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) through JCI USA. More information on TOYA is is available the US Junior Chamber Foundation’s website.

Listed below are the recipients of the Wilmington Jaycees’ Outstanding Young Wilmingtonian Award.

Year Name
1941 Lamont DuPont
1942 William W. Laird, Jr. (Deceased)
1943 Robert R. M. Carpenter  (Deceased)
1944 J. Gorman Walsh
1945 Harry Mayer, Jr.
1946 Bayard Sharp
1947 Francis X. Norton (Deceased)
1948 Henry Toy
1949 Collins J. Seitz
1950 William Duffy, Jr.
1951 Alexis I. DuPont
1952 George A. Reece
1953 David Braunstein
1954 Rev. Phillip H. Dunning
1955 Harry G. Haskell, Jr. (Deceased)
1956 W. Dale Parker
1957 James T. Chandler III (Deceased)
1958 Mark Emmert
1959 James T. McKinstry
1960 William R. Grace
1961 Sidney Clark
1962 L. Coleman Dorsey
1963 Louis P. Romagnoli
1964 George C. Hering III
1965 Richard P. Sanger, Jr.
1966 Lawrence M. Sullivan
1967 Richard A. Thompson
1968 Robert J. Marvel
1969 Basil R. Battaglia
1970 F. Edmund Lynch
1971 Arthur F. DiSabatino (Deceased)
1972 Douglas P. Magann
1973 Daniel Weiss
1974 James M. Baker
1975 Jaime ‘Chico’ Hijar
1978 James H. Gilliam, Jr.  (Deceased)
1979 P. Kim Cloud
1980 Lawrence D. Green
1981 Larry Morris
1982 Lawrence Fields
1983 Karen Peterson
1983 Stanley Rayford
1984 Frederico Santi Ceccotti
1985 Joanne Kassees
1986 Lolita Lopez
1987 Brian Murphy
1988 James Firmani
1989 Robert S. Prost
1990 Alexis Nichols
1991 Paul F. Calistro, Jr.
1992 Darryl Minot
1993 Norman Oliver
1994 Gary Pawliczek
1995 Laura Barnes
1996 Dan Butler
1997 Nnamdi Chukwuocha
1998 Kathleen D. Wilhere
1999 Robert McCreary
2000 Andrea Moses
2001 Antoine J. Allen
2002 Lisa Shaw
2003 Dr. Tony Allen
2004 Tania Culley
2005 Phillip Arendall
2006 Ciro Poppiti
2007 Jeff Santoro
2008 Carrie Casey
2009 Mike Vansant
2010 Wes Garnett Jr.
2011 Mihir Patel
2012 Khary V. DeWhitt
2013 Jeff Lank
2014 Bianca Fraser Johnson
2015 James Spadola